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Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Asheron's Call 2

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To be deleted for the same reason as Horizons: Empires of Istaria above (VfD entry added by Chmod007). Actually, the whole MMORPG section could use a clean-up. (I'd fix this entry if I could find what's wrong with it) -- Claw 02:45, 1 Sep (UTC)

  • Keep. Is notable, and just needs massive cleanup. -- Grunt 🇪🇺 00:55, 2004 Sep 2 (UTC)
  • Keep. This is not VfD material. Especially not for the reason given (and what's this about not knowing what's wrong with it!?). The anonymous user who posted this seems to have a personal vendetta with the MMORPG genre, and VfD is not the way to act it out. Clean-up in the Wikipedia sense means editing, not deleting. And that is exactly what this and many other MMORPG articles need. Also, please create an account if you expect to be taken seriously on VfD. — David Remahl 00:56, 2 Sep 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep. As stated above, this is not justification for deletion. There are reviews of other games on Wikipedia that are way more biased and really after looking at this one, and actually adding to it today, does not warrant VfD.
  • Keep, as notable as thousands of other computer games, albums, books and movies with Wikipedia articles. Does need some cleanup and NPOV'ing (I dispute the "unique to Asheron's Call 2" claims), but certainly not a candidate for deletion. —Stormie 05:13, Sep 2, 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep This game is very notable. The hype it built from the original Asheron's Call made many many gamers buy the game. Additionally, it should be noted that Microsoft took the time to advertise this product. Personally, I think was Microsoft's MMORPG flagship project (before Turbine took it over), but that's just me. Although AC (Asheron's Call) wasn't as popular as EQ (Everquest) or UO (Ultima Online), I should think this is worthly enough to keep as an article. -- Allyunion 10:27, 2 Sep 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep, of course. Davodd 11:47, Sep 2, 2004 (UTC)